Loni True EP

by Loni True Cords

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released May 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Loni True Cords San Diego, California

This music is dedicated to Jesus Christ, the One who gives and takes away.

All of these songs are fruit of experiences and trials I've gone through or still presently am going through. I hope the Lord blesses you through them as much as He has blessed me in them. ... more

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Track Name: 1 Kings 8:28
On earth will You indeed dwell? In my soul, just as well?
Heaven of heavens cannot contain You.

I stand searched and known by God on His throne:
Holy eyes upon me.

And it bewilders me that Holy God has regarded me
and in my heart has taken residency.

And You've heard my supplications
my sodden prayers of resignation
and now I'm in Holy consecration.

His eyes, His heart perpetually
inside, inside of me.
Inside, inside of me.
Track Name: I Must Have You/ My Heart Faints
I Must Have You:

I must have You, must have You.
I must have You.

I must seek You, must seek You,
I must seek You.

My Heart Faints:

My heart is crushed with longing after Your ways at all times, I cling to I hang on to the treasures of Your mind.

I'll incline my ear so very near to hear what You have to say. I must hear Your voice, O' Holy Spirit, it can't wait another day.

Cause my heart faints, my soul pants at the sound of Yehovah.
Let my mind race, let my feet pound toward Your sound O Yehovah.

With all my heart I've sought You, Lord don't let me wander. Your Word worth more than any riches I never want to squander.

And I hear Your invitation, 'Drink deeply My dear one.'
In reverent inclination I'll drink deeply from the One.
Lord it must be You, no one in heaven nor on earth.
Lord I must seek You, no one in heaven nor on earth.
I must have You, even if all else still remains:
only You can satisfy; it's for that my heart faints.
Track Name: Psalm 57 [I Need You Trilogy Pt. 1]
Gracious, be gracious to me God.
I will take refuge in You.
In the shadow of Your wings I take refuge
until destruction passes by.
And I cry to God most high.
To God most high.

Steadfast, steadfast, Lord let me be steadfast.
Praises, I'll sing praises to You.
Awake my glory
I will give thanks to You God.
Be exalted above the heavens,
exalted above all the earth.
Track Name: I Lay No Claims
A crowded mind can't intertwine with clarity.
Wisdom divine, please come invade to set me free.
Cause I lay no claims.

My guard is down, please lay to waste and leave no trace.
Wisdom abound from above leave no room for selfish gain.
Cause I lay no claims.

Please strip away the gaudy paint and replace with Your color.
Obliterate the walls of my mind and let Your love have its way, have its way.
Track Name: Surrender Song
I feel Your eyes seeking to incise
I could not belie if I even tried.

I hear Your cry, You're seeking my reply
and I must comply, no I could not defy.

You are good and You do good.
You are strong and You suffer long.

It's a simple melody, my surrender song.
My surrender song, cause You are simply
trustworthy; so take me on, take me on
with You.

I see Your light, it sets my heart to flight
it is my delight; oh how Your word incites me.
Track Name: Koinenia
We smile and we laugh as I lay in the grass and as He hold the world in His hands.
"I'm forever Yours," I sing to the Lord; Yeshuah, my best friend.

And He tossles my hair with the wind in the air, pursuing me all the day.
He speaks love to my heart and He chastens my soul living inside and out from each page.

And as the ants scitter scatter, and the rain pitter patters, I clench to my coat with a smile.
I'm unseparated from He who created me in the midst of every dark trial.
He takes me to a hidden place and shows the light of His face as I cry, "Who will show any good?"
When my life starts to throttle, with my tears in His bottle I know He alone has withstood.

And the fruit of our time is simply divine as His grace empowers me still.
I belong to Elohim, my Savior, my King; my fount where I draw to be filled.
The silohuettes of dusk dance distanced from us as I smile wide to the sky;
and I play my guitar to my Near and my Far as my soul mounts on wings to fly.

And I wouldn't trade these times for any other times, I'm lost in this love- glorious, gloriously lost.

And I cling to this cup with my morsel of grain and I think upon the source of this love:
the Son of God, the Lamb Who was slain gaining nothing poured out all His blood.
How lavished I stand by the Sovereign I AM
as He reaches out with His empty scarred hands.
Lord, I've nothing to give, nothing to offer-
why should I be apart of Your plans?
And this warm embrace of His mercy and grace is a riddle I doubt I should solve.
Still I'll sing for joy for Elohim Eloi has loved me and taken my cause.
Track Name: David's Lullaby
Child, do not fret; be not envious.
Trust the LORD, and do good; dwell in His faithfulness.
Place your delight, delight in the LORD,
see Him give the desires of your heart.

Commit all your ways, ways to the LORD
trust also in Him, and He will do it.
Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently-
just a little while till prosperity.

You shall not be ashamed nor hurled headlong
because God is the One Who will hold your hand.
Wait for the LORD, and be sure to keep His way
and your Mighty Deliverer shall surely save.

Child, do not fret, be not envious,
trust the LORD and do good, dwell in His faithfulness.

Trust the LORD and do good;
dwell in His faithfulness.
Track Name: Mephibosheth
(Mephibosheth/Myself/You maybe??)
I am a dead, dead dog prostrate at the cross.
Here is Your servant, Lord; will You regard me?

I'm at Your feet humbly, wondering, crumbling.
In crippled bow, my guard is down. I wait for You now.

Cause I have nothing in this world to offer,
my past does not justify.
Nothing good I've authored,
I have nothing left to testify.

I am the Risen Lord, broken on the cross.
I've come to save you, Love- will you regard Me?
Behold I make all things new, I'm faithful and I'm true.
I want to be near to you- will you regard Me?

Do not fear- I am kindness, I am justice, I am gracious.
Let me demonstrate my affection
to my chosen, my Beloved.

Cause everything in heaven I offer,
my blood does justify.
All good things I've authored,
and I'll lavish them on my Bride.

You are kindness, You are justice, You are gracious, You are love.
You are Savior, my Redeemer; now will You be my Lord of all?

Cause I have nothing in this world to offer,
only Your blood justifies.
All good things You've authored,
here Your lavished Bride testifies.
Track Name: Your Nearness is My Good
Surely You are good, surely You will guide me
Surely You take hold of my hand and
will receive me to glory.

Whom have I in heaven but You?
I desire nothing besides You.

Cause Your nearness is my good,
Your nearness is my good.
And I have made You my refuge.
Your nearness is my good,
Your nearness is my good,
and I proclaim all You do.

Truly You have answered,
truly You've delivered.
Truly You're my hope and peace,
my unchanging, faithful, Savior.

Not the nearness of circumstance,
nor the nearness of desires.
Not the nearness of triumphant ends
of Your refining fires.
Not the nearness of my very next breath,
nor the nearness of the harvest.
Not the nearness of life or death;
the song that's bursting from my chest sings-
Track Name: My Precious Yakhiyd
Cover my eyes, I'll walk guided by Your hand;
I'm following Jesus, I'm not following man.
Here is this life: it's Yours.
Here is my heart: it's Yours.
To everything else I'll wave goodbye,
all attaching strings will be removed in given time.
Here is this life: it's Yours.
Here is my heart: it's Yours.

My precious Yakhiyd, You're the only one I need-
no source aside from You can satisfy.
My precious Yakhiyd, to Your source I take heed;
No love aside from You can satisfy.

I won't be running blind, Lord You are my eyes.
I won't be without rest, You're my refuge in my trials.
Here is this life: it's Yours.
Here is my heart: it's Yours.

For You I leave my life behind
For You I leave my will behind
For You I leave my fear behind:
even in Your name alone do I find rest.
Track Name: You Exceed
Starin at this gold and silver
appealing to my eyes;
still my heart desires You alone.
Wafting in the fragrance of
affections and delights
still my heart desires You alone.

And every lust I've chased
has brought me to the exact same place
where it's abundantly clear,
so very clear
so very clear:

You exceed everything
Everything You exceed.

Caught off guard by stormy gales
oh, how my strength it fails;
still my heart desires You alone.
Rulers and kings always threatening
still my heart desires You alone

In every storm and trial
You have lead me to the exact same smile
where it's abundantly clear.

To whom will we liken You, O God?
To whom?